Fairfield Financial Services, Inc. - Private Money Loans, Lending & Borrowing


"Fairfield Financial helped me to get started with a career in real estate investing. They were willing to give me a chance. They provided early guidance in all aspects of purchasing, renovating, and reselling a home. I will continue to recommend Fairfield to any new investors that I encounter along the way."

- Mike Walker (Real Estate Investor and Renovator)

"Fairfield Financial was recommended to me about 5 years ago. Since that time, I have obtained four different private money loans from them. They have always been responsive to all my financial needs in a remarkably timely fashion. Just as importantly, unlike institutional lenders, Fairfield Financial takes the time to know its clients and to assist them in a professional and humane way. It is this personal service that I think sets Fairfield Financial apart from all other firms of this type. When I needed help, they were there!"

- Barbara T. Fiore (Real Estate Investor and Renovator)

"I wear multiple hats with Fairfield Financial. I am both a Loan Broker and a private money investor. I have been affiliated with Fairfield Financial for approximately five years, and working with them has always been a win-win experience for all the parties involved: the borrowers, the investors, the Loan Brokers, and Fairfield themselves. Their staff is competent and professional, and they have a reputation for putting together the difficult loans by being creative and flexible. But, most importantly, Fairfield conducts business with the utmost integrity, and I am looking forward to maintaining this relationship for many years to come."

- Bob Field, Northwest Investment Specialists (Loan Broker and Investor)

"Fairfield Financial recently took quick action on behalf of my client on a difficult to place loan. My client has good credit, but was unable to document sufficient income to satisfy the bank, and the home being refinanced was in need of renovation. This loan put my client in a much stronger position in the marketplace, and made it possible for him to move forward on his renovation project with confidence. I would recommend Fairfield to others without reservation."

- Joe Adlesich, Windermere/Manzanita (Associate Broker)

"For the past three years I have had the good fortune to be a client of Fairfield Financial. I have been very impressed. Without a doubt, they are very knowledgeable people in the non-conventional loan market. We find that they are very supportive, and clients have no feeling of abandonment. Fairfield has a sense of cautious urgency, and deals come together quickly and with care (and as we know, time is money). They also tend to be flexible, which allows them to better match the requirements of the borrower with the needs of the lender."

- Alan and Karel Bland, (Investors)

"I have been investing in Trust Deeds with Fairfield Financial for eight years now. One of the reasons that Fairfield has been so successful is that they don't hesitate to lay the facts on the table for their investors. Formerly a Realtor, I have dealt with many lending professionals over the years, and it is a rare and wonderful thing to find an organization that is 100% trustworthy in this business. My investments with Fairfield have been sourced from a self-directed IRA, and I am quite sure that I would not have been able to retire three years ago if I had relied on the stock market to add growth to my retirement fund. I am able to sleep nights knowing that my investments are sound. The yield is consistent, much higher than CD's or money market funds, and provides the cash flow I need for regular IRA withdrawals."

- D.D. (Investor)