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Fairfield Financial Services, Inc. (NMLS number 260898) has been coordinating hard money loans in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) since 1964. Our services have recently expanded to include Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Georgia, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, New York, and Wyoming. We now have sources available to lend, with no maximum, on commercial loans in all 14 of our States. We feel that hard money lenders are an important alternative for many who own, buy, and invest in property and real estate projects. Our mission is to offer a full range of private money options to our clients--both borrowers and investors--and to do so in a sincere and professional manner. We believe that good business is about building relationships.

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Now Lending in California!

Fairfield is now a California and Oklahoma hard money lenders source!

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Everything you wanted to know about private money but were afraid to ask.

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What we need in order to proceed without an appraisal.

Hard Money Lenders and the "Fix and Flip Business"

from the Wall Street Journal Real Estate Journal.

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