Hard Money Lenders Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska


Since 1964 Fairfield has remained true to two basic objectives: (1) to specialize in brokering strictly private money loans through private, "hard money" lenders, and (2) to emphasize doing so with professionalism and integrity. We have served as a source for private money loans and hard money lenders in Oregon and Washington for decades, and have also recently expanded osur private money lending services throughout the Northwest US. We currently serve as a source for hard money loans in Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

Fairfield Financial was originally founded as Fairfield Realty in 1964, when Grover W. Sparkman and his wife Louise Sparkman purchased the old Henry F. English Realty Company in Portland, Oregon. Initially, Fairfield Realty was strictly a real estate company, dealing primarily in residential property. However, with time Grover obtained a real estate mortgage broker's license, branched out into commercial real estate, and began brokering existing mortgages, contracts, and deeds of trust.

Before long, it became apparent that there was a market, not just for existing paper, but also for original private money loans secured by real estate, and Fairfield began carving out a niche in this area. In time, Fairfield began servicing the accounts that it was brokering, as an additional service to borrowers and investors. Clay Sparkman, the son of Grover and Louise, joined the company in 1992, and focused his attention solely on brokering private money loans. The loan brokering business expanded, and in 1998, Fairfield Financial was incorporated to serve as a separate company under which to conduct all loan brokering and loan servicing functions.