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As a construction project progresses, Fairfield Financial may disburse funds on work that is completed. In order to request disbursements, a draw request must be submitted to our office. You may submit as many draw requests as you wish. Each time you wish to submit a draw request, please follow the requirements listed below:

Instructions/Cover Page
For each disbursement item:
  • Description of work completed
  • The disbursement category (allocated from budget)
  • Total amount of disbursement
  • Instructions for payment/reimbursement: to whom, how much, invoice numbers (if appropriate), and how to deliver payment (including address)
Also include a Final Total of all items, and an Authorized Signature. Click here for an example
Include photos (digital photos, or photos via mail) of all work that is complete. For example, for flooring work, provide photos of the flooring in all rooms where it has been completed. Please label each photo with a detailed description.
Updated Budget/Draw Record
From the original budget that was approved when the loan closed, submit an ongoing budget and draw record that compares each budgeted amount to actual expenses, a draw history, and completion status. Please use the following spreadsheet example. Fairfield will provide a template (MS Excel or MS Word) upon request. Click here for an example
If expenditures do not meet budget expecations:
For every item that is either over or under budget, please provide an explanation and submit a proposal for a budget revision (see the Updated Budget Example)
Copies for Payment/Reimbursement:
1) If paying vender directly, a copy of the invoice, 2) If reimbursement to you is needed, evidence of payment (a copy of the cancelled check, credit card receipt, or the invoice marked "paid" and signed by the vender)
Email, Fax, or Mail:
Please send your request one of three ways:
  • Email: pries@privatemoneysource.com
  • Fax: (503) 227-0427
  • Mail: 2727 NE Hoyt St., Portland, OR 97232
Please call Elaine Pries at (503) 546-1673

NOTE: From the time that all required items have been received and deemed adequate, please allow up to 3 working days for draw request approvals and disbursement of funds. Disbursements are only given when project item is completed (some exceptions include permits, etc.)