Bring on the Good Times

Bring on the Good Times

For those of you that follow our newsletters, you may recall that Richard and I have each commented on signs that the real estate market could be reaching the bottom, if not starting to improve. I stand by that statement, and will go so far as to say that there are indicators that the private money lending industry is perking up as well.

Over the past year, many of our loans have had to extend rather than pay off as a result of the declining market and the breakdown of conventional financing. I'm pleased to announce that an increasing number of private investors are coming to us with new funds, indicating that some of their loans had paid off, or that they were ready to start lending again.

In addition, reports indicate that our loans set to mature in the next few months have viable take out options. This not only indicates that there are more available financing options, but that Fairfield will in turn have more funds to reinvest. With more funds, we can start to consider lending on those more challenging property types as well. I don't think we’ll be in the raw land market just yet, but we’ll get back there eventually.

I can't speak for other lending institutions, but based on my experiences and conversations with the brokers, borrowers, and lenders that come to Fairfield, I think there are good times ahead. I'm looking forward to a positive end of 2009, and a successful 2010, so keep on sending those loan scenarios.

If you would like to discuss private money loans further or run a particular scenario by us, contact Kris via e-mail at Otherwise, if you would like to get a better feel for our company and the types of programs we do, please browse our web site at


Kris Gillmore
Loan Coordinator
Fairfield Financial Services, Inc